First Garden Harvest


… was a big colander of swiss chard!

In other news, Emil has been waking up every hour and a half to two hours at night, then kneeling upright in his crib screaming until I come lay him down or nurse him. Disaster. As in, I am a disaster. The good news is, after 25,443,902 trips down and then back up a set of stairs, I can probably count on being in shape for summer shorts and bathing suits. The bad news is, I am too grumpy for words. Peace out.

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  1. But at least you have big beautiful chard? Hmm.. I get so frustrated by the fitful sleeping sometimes. It would really be great if they could tell us what was keeping them up! Am I right?? About once a month or so Gus for a few days wakes up at night screaming hysterically. When we go in his room to check things out and get him back to sleep he’s still dead asleep but screaming and crying. It’s a real heartbreaker. I hope Emil finds his sleeping rhythm again soon. For both of your sakes!

  2. oh no. what do you think it is? hopefully it ends soon. good luck!

    and I am beyond jealous of your garden. someday we’ll move back to Utah and I will plant the biggest garden I can manage. can’t wait. enjoy the chard!

  3. Your chard is beautiful! I love me some chard. Bummer on the sleeping- I’m guessing it’s just the transition to the crib from your bed and he’ll work it out… So draining though when you don’t get a good night’s sleep. Hope he gets through it in time for a well rested mother’s day!

  4. Oh, poor you. I’m so sorry. I think an attachment object is a good idea. One that’s just like a boob :0…!

    We’re struggling with sleep issues too, so I totally feel your pain. I love how the poor sleep habits come hand-in-hand with the tantrum phase. I need my sleep more than ever now to deal with the regular fits of craziness from the little girl….Ugh.

    Hang in there, sister!

  5. Thanks, ladies! And I know from past experience that these things work themselves out, but man is it hard when you’re going through it… no matter how many times you have done it before! Nora, I’m particularly fond of your boob attachment object comment!

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