Favorite Places: The Mud House


We are obviously big fans of coffee houses. We had Tryst in D.C.; Spoons and Daily Grind in Baltimore; and about 7 places we love here in St. Louis! The Mud House is now one of them. Located on Cherokee Street in Benton Park, which is a very cool neighborhood with a lot of artsy types, it is the perfect destination to lose yourself… or maybe even get some work done!



We arrived on a Saturday morning at around 8:45, and though there was a line to order our food, there was plenty of seating (including outdoor!) so we had no problem finding a table. I checked out the decor while Andrew ordered our food and coffee.








The food was great! Oliver devoured a warm-from-the-oven cherry muffin, and Milo scarfed down a buttery chocolate chip scone. I stole bites from both, and they were delightful baked goods, if I do say so myself.



Unfortunately, the young man saved nothing for the platypus, citing, “He eats pah-yuh-pus food. He can’t have my muffin.”







Andrew and I split the black bean chili & egg burrito, which did not disappoint. This thing was awesome, stick-to-your-bones, just spicy enough, delicious breakfast food. I can’t wait to try something else on the menu. Oh, and the coffee is great too.


After all is said and done, help yourself to a book or magazine and relax on the couch. Milo highly recommends it.

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  1. 1+4? seriously?! I think even a 1/2 loaded spammer could get that one!
    Ok- I’ll admit, I’ve never been into coffee… But tea… Yes! If ever in the Santa Barbara area- check out Handlebar Coffee House! A fun, sliver of a place- that has great chocolate croissants. Decor is quite unique & it’s next to a great art gallery. Wish I could paste a photo, but not sure how?!
    Lauren, one of my classmates & your dad’s student, Gretchen- grew up in St Louis. She enjoys the city as much as you. Must be fun hanging out with such handsome men, too! Happy dad’s day to Andrew.

  2. Looks great- I love a good coffee place (even though I don’t drink coffee!).

    Your boys are seriously best dressed. The hat, Emil’s adorable little overalls… I am really waiting for your kid’s style posts so I can style up Wyatt 🙂

  3. So neat to see some of my favorite coffee shops get a shout out! I used to live pretty much across the street from Tryst (which you can imagine I took full advantage of), and then I moved right down the street from Spoons. I love the hang-out-with-a-book vibe of this place, though! A good coffee shop always makes me happy.

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