Goings On



Andrew’s latest brew


Brew-masters (of disaster)



Fresh bread our neighbors baked and dropped off for us. Thanks Trish and Scott!


Tower Grove Farmer’s Market




Shorts twins


More swiss chard from our garden




Creepy koi at The Botanical Garden

We have been enjoying our summer beyond belief! Every day is packed with all sorts of adventures. The sunshine keeps shining, our garden keeps giving, and we are happy to be together as a family. Each day brings new energy to live this life to its fullest, which is what we strive to do all year round.

We are living so hard that by 8pm, I can barely keep my eyes open… body exhausted as if I have run a grueling race in the hot sunshine, sticky from popsicles with dirty feet and tiny handprints on my clothing. I watch as all of our bodies grow tan, despite the copious application and re-application of sunscreen. It’s no use. We are outdoors 10 hours a day. I will always remember this summer… maybe the best summer yet!

Enjoy your beautiful summer weekend, and Happy Father’s Day to all you papas out there, including Andrew’s brother Ryan who just deployed and left his very capable wife Kristin with their FOUR kiddos! We’re thinking of you guys!

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  1. Hi Lauren! I’ve missed you! Had a miserable few weeks/months there, but we’ve jumped into summer full force too! It’s so nice to get a peek into your summer and I’m so looking forward to long sunny days to come. I have to confess that I’m a bit disappointed in our local farmer’s market (shhhh, don’t tell), so Cal and I are on the hunt for better options (that don’t defeat the purpose by using too much gas!). Looking forward to catching up on your blog, dear! xo

  2. James loves brewing beer too- I’m always amazed that 50 some bottles can go so quickly 🙂 your summer is looking wonderful and that Swiss chard has been awesome… it just keeps coming.

    Happy Father’s day to Andrew!

  3. Koi are SUPER creepy. Their mouths seem capable of swallowing a hand (and arm!) whole. Ew.

    Um, hello? Your husband brews beer? That rocks. What is his specialty?

  4. It has been a pretty fantastic summer so far, hasn’t it? So much to do and enjoy. And our garden has been so much fun this year because we are trying out some new vegetables this year. Here’s to summer fun!

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