Dress That Kid: Installment 1


Alright. I hesitate to start this for a couple of reasons. But the number one reason is that taking pictures of kids standing still enough to show you their outfits is really, really hard! I have a newfound respect for professional photographers who make this stuff work. Because this little shoot was work! Fun work, of course.

But I thought I would start this little series with a few tips on buying children’s clothes that you (and they) will love… and NOT spending a fortune.

Tip number 1: As a rule, I almost never buy an article of children’s clothing at full price unless it is in the $10-or-under range. And I also refuse to spend more than $20 on a single article of clothing UNLESS it is for Milo, well-made, or a winter coat. Why for Milo, you ask? Well, because Milo’s clothes become Oliver’s clothes become Emil’s clothes. Since they are all exactly two years apart, all the clothing hand-me-downs are seasonally appropriate for the next little brother. Well-made clothing genuinely does last longer and that means buying fewer items for the next in line.


P.s.- They are looking at some roly-polies

Tip number 2: Consignment shops and second-hand stores offer some really great stuff. Especially for babies. Check, and check often. The little denim romper Emil is wearing above? $5 from a great local consignment store.


Tip number 3: Try to steer clear of clothing with a lot going on. I generally don’t buy the kids shirts with a store brand pasted all over the front or cutesy sayings. Not because I care that much about advertising for a store, but if you buy plain and simple clothing, you can mix and match, dress up and down, and layer much easier once fall and winter come around.


Tip number 4: Check the sale racks. This may seem really obvious to many of you, but I have run into far too many mamas who pay full price for an item for their kid and the next week it is on sale for half the price. Yikes. Come on. Kids grow super fast, and unless you have a disposable income, buying full-priced clothing will bleed you dry. I have gotten into the habit of not even looking at the new stuff, shielding my eyes as I head to the back of the store where the sale items always are.

Tip number 5: Buy out of season. You know your kid will need new pants in the fall, so in the spring, when all the winter stuff goes on sale for crazy cheap, buy a size up and be prepared. I know the urge to buy shorts and swimsuits in the spring and summer, but try to wait. You will be rewarded and feel good about it!



Now, for the details:

On MiloShort-sleeved gingham shirt: Crewcuts (shop online sale, but wait for the promotion with an additional 30% off sale items, and you will spend a lot less for top-quality clothing); cut-off shorts: TeaCollection (pants from last season whose knees were mysteriously ripped out); boots: Livie & Luca (scored these for $15 at City Sprouts!)DSC_0018

Bicycle bow tie: Crewcuts


On EmilDenim romper: Old Navy (thrifted); sandals: Janie & Jack (hand-me-downs… clearly).


On Oliver: Newsboy hat: Crewcuts; vest: Crewcuts; grizzly bear tee shirt: Etsy (gifted); cut-off jean shorts: Target (these used to be Milo’s pants, but he wore huge irreparable holes in the knees);


Boots: Livie & Luca, City Sprouts

Hope you enjoyed this! I know I did!

P.s.- Andrew is going out of town for a few days, so wish me luck! With 5:30am wake-ups and no naps for the past two weeks, we have barely been surviving even with two parents. I am a little nervous, but I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve just in case!

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  1. Oh so cute! I love seeing your little boys, and the outfits are darling. I think I like the boots especially. The denim romper is a close second. Totally agree on consignment shops. Also neighborhood swaps and hand-me-downs.

    And oh how jealous I am that your kids actually let you pick out their clothes. Can I do a guest post on how to dress a girl? I know I’m not alone in the daily battle to get my daughter into a respectable and weather-appropriate outfit every morning. Bathing suits and shorts in January? Long sleeves on a hot day? How about five outfits in one day? Or just plain nudity no matter the weather?

    Yup, each day brings its own fashion drama around here. I think I have (temporarily, I fear) reached an understanding with Frankie about dressing — ie., let her feel like she’s making her own choices — but have some tips to share.

    Love to you and those cute little ones. We miss you.


  2. Yay- I love it! Those boots are the best and there is nothing like hats on little boys (w is still too small for crewcuts but they do have great looking goodies). I’m with you on always heading for the sales and sticking with neutrals, those are my big strategies too. I also buy very few clothes and do lots of laundry 🙂

    How brilliant are you too spacing your kids perfectly apart for hand-me-downs? That is the best money saving strategy ever!

  3. Also, meant to say good luck on flying solo a couple of days. I’m on my own through tomorrow night, too, so will be commiserating….Hang in there, sister!


  4. Thanks, ladies!

    Nora, YES please! I would love for you to do a guest post on dressing little girls… I clearly have no experience in that, and Frankie always looks adorable, even if she is combining swimsuits and sweaters.

    And Lilly, we actually didn’t plan it out, it just kind of happened. But I’m glad it did!

  5. Great post! Cal is past the age where hand-me-downs are truly effective, but you can bet that sales sure are! He’s moving into middle school next year and the dress code for boys at his school is shirt and tie. I was shopping with a girl friend at a department store for shoes and wandered into the boys’ department to discover a sale going on and bought two dress shirts, a size too big, for the dress code he’ll need next year for TEN DOLLARS!!!!! I’m still happy about that!

    And man, good luck flying solo! Those days are rough. xo

  6. So much cute happening! I love your thrifty tips. Proof that being thrifty doesn’t mean that you have to be badly dressed.

    We are also major sale rack hounds. It’s the only way. And we lucked out big time by having friends with a girl almost a year older than Audrey, and they give us all their old girl clothes. Score!

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