Ah, Friends


Last night, my wonderful friend Ingrid and I made an effort to get out of our houses for 3 hours to focus only on each other. It was magnificent! We chose pretty randomly the place, and after being seated inside and eyeing the menu uncomfortably, we had our first awkward moment between us. Neither of us liked the atmosphere. We both wanted to run, in fact. But we had already ordered our wine and didn’t want to be rude… so we apologetically asked to be seated outside in the green courtyard and were quickly glad we did! Awkward moment in the past, we dined on amazing food (seriously, the food made up for everything!) and were the only people there (it was a hot Monday night, after all) so we laughed as loudly as we wanted, used bad language, and drank a bit of wine.


I love this lady. Every time we hang out, I feel rejuvenated, and like a real live person again. You know, not just someone’s mama. We talked for three hours (!) about everything under the sun, until the sky grew dark and my cheeks hurt from laughing. And I know I was meant to be her friend, and she mine. Such great stuff.


Outside = Yes.


Inside = No. (Did I mention this place was a former funeral home? Um.)

Thank you, Ingrid. Because you are the type of friend who can make a former funeral home-turned-restaurant disaster into a wonderful perfect soul-warming evening.

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  1. Oh, really lovely. I’m trying to make a commitment to myself to do this more often. It’s hard, isn’t it? Schedules are tough to coordinate and it’s tough to get away. But necessary. Good for the soul. I’m having coffee with some ladies I haven’t seen in ages tomorrow. One of them has had a really, really hard road over the past 6 months, so while it won’t necessarily be fun for us, it’ll be good.

  2. Looks like a great night and what beautiful ladies you both are! I very much agree that it’s so important to make time to get out on your own with a good friend. Every time I do it I wonder why I don’t make it a point more often. Adult conversation is very under-rated ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Amazing how a few hours of laughter w/ a friend can rejuevinate! A beautiful planting in the fountain-like urn…What is it about twinkle lights in a courtyard that speaks summer!

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