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One of my go-to spring and summer outfits is a tank tucked into a cotton skirt, boots, and some sort of durable necklace (one that resists pudgy pulling hands). I alternate between this or a dress nearly every warm day of spring/summer/fall. And it’s no harder to pull together than a shirt and pants, I think! Of course, lately it has been too hot for boots, so swap out those for some sandals and you’re set.

Tank: Madewell (this also pairs well with cut-off jean shorts)

Skirt: Anthropologie

Boots: Vintage Frye (from this Etsy store)


Necklace: Etsy

And to answer a few frequently-asked questions:

What is your advice on looking pulled together?

My advice is to get up every morning, shower, and get dressed in something you love. If that is sweatpants and a tee shirt, then I say go for it. I just happen to feel my best when I am wearing clothing that I feel reflects my style and personality, and if I am feeling particularly rotten, I find that if I make a concerted effort to look my best, I tend to shake off that bad mood more quickly! A dress is the easiest thing you could put on- it’s a pre-made outfit! Also, if you tend to feel rushed in the morning, there’s nothing wrong with picking out something to wear the night before and laying it out so there’s no stress there.

How do you wear dresses & skirts and chase around three little boys?

I actually find it just as easy to chase kids around in a dress or skirt. It’s the shoes that I would watch! I tend to wear flats or low-heeled boots. Heels just aren’t happening for me anytime soon!

Next week we’ll give Andrew another chance for Dress That Prof! Hope you enjoyed this mama’s attempt at everyday style! So embarrassing. But I’ll get more comfortable in front of that old camera yet!

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  1. I miss wearing dresses. I find that with nursing, unless it’s a spaghetti strapped dress (which looks terrible with a nursing bra), a dress just isn’t practical when you have a hungry baby. I mean, I could hike it up over my waist but I think that is generally frowned upon while in public. 😉

    Skirts and t-shirts, however, are amazing for a nursing momma.

  2. Briana- I am still nursing and love wearing dresses! I just pull the neck down or unbutton a few buttons! But it’s all about what you’re comfortable with, of course!

  3. I love this outfit! I am big fan of tanks and skirts. (Is it trashy that I enjoy calling them “wife beaters”? Probably. I’m sorry. I’m from Florida. It’s in my bones.) Your addition of boots is very cool, too. I really want to get some now, after seeing yours. And my awesome friend Becca has some vintage Fryes too that make me feel like I want to be part of this Cool Girls Boots Club.

    You are so right about dressing in something nice, and how that makes you feel more put together and makes the day go more smoothly. I find that if I bum around in pajamas all day, I always end up feeling really gross about myself.

  4. Love this, especially the great colors. You shouldn’t be shy in front of the camera- you’re beautiful and very stylish! I previously thought that Milo looked like Andrew but now I think he might look like you- I am so fascinated by family resemblances 🙂

  5. You look beautiful! I never wore skirts or dresses much when Cal was little. Too much floor time and up and down and up and down, but I wear them all the time now. Love the color combo!

  6. You are too cute!! This is a great outfit. I’m so glad you did this post. I agree – it’s amazing how much an outfit you really like can have a positive effect on your mood. I love wearing dresses because they’re cute and sooo easy. You make me want new boots!

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