Missouri Botanical Garden: Taking Our Time


This summer, we have been falling into a routine. We get up early (well, Andrew gets up early with all three crack-of-dawn-ers and I sleep until 6:30 or 7am), and are out of the house by 7:30 or 8. And we go somewhere, anywhere, every single day.

Mondays: the zoo. Tuesdays: one of many fun playgrounds. Wednesdays: the Botanical Garden. We go to the pool almost daily (well, when it’s not 100+ degrees). And so on and so forth. And don’t get me wrong, the kids have plenty of down time during the day. It’s just that they are so much happier when they are outside exploring and asking questions and learning about stuff. And honestly, so am I.

I am a weather-checker because of this. But lately, I cringe at the forecast: 100’s all through the later part of the week and through the weekend. So we planned our usual Wednesday Botanical Garden trip, but allowed for more time to explore, as the weather was cooler (high 80’s!) and I anticipated a lot of indoor air-conditioned play in our near future.








It was awesome. I swear, every time we visit, we see something we have never seen before. The boys love this place, and I love teaching them about plants and respecting the work that it takes to maintain such a garden and the beauty of nature.




And we always run into the coolest sculptures and fountains!



… and other nooks and crannies to explore!





It has been an incredible summer so far. I am so lucky to be able to play with these guys every day! I’m also really glad we decided to keep Milo home from any sort of camp to allow for spontaneous adventures (and planned ones). So here’s to more adventures! Hope you are enjoying your summer too!

P.s.- As you read this, we are packed into our car, heading East for the beach! I have some posts scheduled for this coming week while we are out of town… but look forward to spending this time with our great friends and doing a whole lot of nothing! See you soon, Mary and Jamie! And thank you, Elisa, for watching over things while we are gone!

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  1. My kids are the same way, they are always up for an adventure. They wake up every morning wanting to know where they are going or what they are doing.

  2. Dang. St. Louis should pay you to promote them, because you are doing a great job of showing how cool the city is. I’ve never even been there, and I like it.

    Have fun on your beach trip! I know Winston-Salem is in a weird non-beachy part of the state, but if you happen to cruise by here, it would be awesome to high five all of you in person.

  3. That place looks beautiful. I love botanical gardens- especially in the winter actually when a greenhouse can provide a much needed lift.

    Have a fun trip! Getting those posts together in advance is so tough so bravo on that too.

  4. Hey you! If you’re in the Outer Banks, you’re totally in my neck of the woods. My part of VA is just barely north of there. Maybe an hour. And sometimes we go down just for a drive. Have a wonderful week, my dear. Enjoy the sun, sand and surf with those little ones.

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