Happy Birthday, Milo!

Milo made it to his first birthday without serious bodily harm… although that last part did not seem as sure a statement as I thought it would. Let’s just say that during the time when Andrew was in Peru and I was traveling back and forth between Baltimore and DC, painting, fixing, and moving (in an attempt to grant Andrew one big birthday surprise), neither Milo nor Proudie were under the best supervision. And I will leave it at that, out of embarrassment and pride.

But we were all moved in (not necessarily all unpacked, so please excuse the mess in the videos) for Milo’s big day, and were able to celebrate in our own way! Milo enjoyed playing with his new bike courtesy of Aunt Annie and Uncle Billy.

Milo “helping” Daddy put the bike together with his claw 

What might one do with a tool like this? 

Assembly complete!
Ready to ride 

A few action shots:

Mary and Ben came down for a visit bearing gifts of books and fun times.
Milo and Ben enjoyed storytime with Mary, playing with Milo’s new bike, and sharing sippy cups despite our efforts to stop them. We then took a little walk to the Nature Center up the street in Rock Creek Park, where the boys discovered several woodland creatures, puppets, and even some live animals, including a turtle, some fish, and a beehive.

And, of course, we celebrated as a family later that evening, with Milo’s first cupcake. He devoured it after some intense speculation… and was up all night due to some sort of sugar high/stomach ache problem.

A WARNING about the video… it is extremely boring and long. No, really. It is really, really boring, but for those of you interested in watching Milo eat a cupcake very, very, very slowly, feel free! And feel free to fast-forward to the end.

At least the days of gagging over any little chunk of food are long gone!
I had some mixed feelings that night. I finally had to come to the conclusion that Milo’s official stage of infancy is over! My baby is now considered a toddler! I am so excited to enter this new, fun stage with my little guy, but of course I’m a little sad to see his babyhood becoming a thing of the past.
But toddlerhood…. bring it on!

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  1. I’m pretty sure most babies have that ‘baby fat’. Jon did, and he grew to be 6’5″! Little Jack is most likely good ‘football stock’ like his Daddy. We all love you, little Sumo Wrestler!

    Love, Mom

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