Monkey See, Monkey Do

As I get caught up, please bear with me. A lot has changed in the past month. In the way of understanding, Milo has made progress by leaps and bounds.

Daddy’s hat

A few weeks ago, I had no idea what Milo could understand. Then, I started asking him questions. “Where is your belly button?” started it all off. I had absolutely no expectations when I asked this question, but was shocked and amazed when he reached down, lifted his shirt up, looked down at his round tummy, and took his little pointer finger, placed it directly onto his navel, and poked it three times. He then looked up, grinning, as if to say, “See, Mom, that’s an easy one!”

I, of course, decided it was time to find out just what my little guy “knows.”
The following questions have been answered, directions followed:
“Pull the plug”
“Put it back”
“Give it to Mommy (Daddy, Proudie)”
“Get your shoes”
“Where is Mommy’s nose?”
“Where is the light?”
“Where is the fan?”
“Bring Mommy the book”
“Where is her/his mouth/nose/ears/toes/belly button/feet/eyes?”
“Clean it up”
“Lie down”
“Clean up your toys” (this one only works sometimes, but he definitely starts the process when told)
“Give Mommy a kiss”
“Where is the ball/hat/baby?”
“Ring the bell”
“Close the drawer/door/book”

I’m sure I am even forgetting some! It has been crazy! Milo also signs a couple of things, mainly fan, no (as you saw in his birthday video when he “no-no’d” the candle), up, and down. So far, he doesn’t say much, but a few actual words have come out of his mouth, such as “Wow” and “Uh-oh.”

Milo has been enjoying exploring at our new house. We actually have a small front yard, and the sidewalk ends at our house, so all the kids on the street tend to push down to our house on their scooters and turn around there. Milo loves watching the big kids! But more than that, he loves that bike! Can you tell we have a winner here?

We are also enjoying the museums, although Milo is still a little young to fully appreciate them. He did love looking at the animals and playing in the Discovery Room at the Museum of Natural History!

The elephant was his favorite, receiving many “wows”
Big teeth? Big deal. I’ll touch ’em.
Exploring a starfish…
…or two 

A bonus to this lovely age? The “monkey see, monkey do” title lends itself to Milo’s newfound willingness to clean, wipe his mouth with a napkin, stir, sweep, vacuum, and wipe up a spill on the floor with a rag after watching me do these things. The downfall? The desire to open, close, cook, use electrical appliances, flush, throw away, and pour out after watching me do these things! Oh, I discovered today that he can also take off both his pants and his diaper and pee in his crib while I’m not looking. I know, it could have been worse.

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  1. Isn’t great to be able to brag about your kids. I know I am so pound of Ava now. She has recently learned how to say and identify pink, purple, and black. She is so proud of herself and she will tell you all about her purple shirt, pink blanket, and black car seat.

  2. Welcome back to blogville, Lauren. The house looks amazing! And sorry about the bike…maybe we should have sent a helmet, too. Or lots of bubble wrap. Anyway, stitches can’t be that bad, right?

  3. Are you kidding, Annie?! The bike was an awesome gift! I think it is encouraging Milo to walk, too. Helmets are overrated… er…. nevermind.

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