DIY Fun: Mystery Box


We still have a month of “summer” left before the big boys start preschool. Seriously. I mean, it’s been fun and all, but let’s get into a better routine because I am running out of ideas! But not completely. Today’s DIY Fun involves sensory learning and imagination.

Materials Needed:

  • Large shoebox
  • Random items from around the house that will fit through a small opening
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape
  • A pen or marker


The instructions are easy. Cut a small hole in the top of the shoebox lid (small enough so that it is difficult to peek inside, but large enough for a small child’s hand to fit inside and pull an item out). Do you see where I’m going with this?

Next, draw (or for older kids, simply write out) the items you plan to include in your mystery box on a piece of paper with the word next to it (this can help with word recognition if your child has started the process of learning to read).


Place the items into the box. Tape the lid on (if you don’t, they will pull it off every time they try to pull an item out). And begin!


You can make up your own rules, but we played by having each child point to an item they wanted to retrieve from the mystery box. Then they had to feel around for it and pull it out. If they pulled the wrong item out, they had to place it back in the box and it was the next child’s turn.



Think the big kid will win every time? Not the case with us! Milo guessed wrong a couple of times, leaving Oliver with the larger pile of items at the end of the game.



Your child can play this game by him or herself, of course. A fun way to challenge him would be timing your child while he collects all items and encouraging him to to try to beat his best time.


So, don’t throw away that old shoebox! Turn it into a mystery box!


Happy hunting!

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  1. That illustration of all the objects inside is great. You have come up with such a fantastic collection of simple activities, and lots can even work for those long winters ahead too. So clever!

  2. WAY cute! What a fun idea, and dang I remember having 3 months off at a time and it was quite difficult! My kids are on year around now and go for 3 months and have one month off. It’s super hard during summer when we go back to school in July and everyone else is still swimming and playing- 😉 but it’s good the rest of the year! Happy Thursday! 😀

  3. okay, lauren. here’s the plan. you’re opening a kindergarten in your house. it will be fun, inspired, interactive, imaginative, and stylish – just like you (and your DIY fun).

    also, i’m chartering my kids to attend Lauren’s School of Amazing Awesomeness.

    are you excited? you should be. i am.

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