Scenes from a Birthday


Milo’s birthday wraps up this month of cake for us! Though the City Museum was closed yesterday, Andrew plans to take Milo and Oliver there Thursday morning since it was the only thing Milo really wanted to do for his big day. He handled the disappointment so well, though.


Also? Milo graciously offered to share his cupcake with all of us since I was lazy and went out and bought just ONE cupcake for the entire family this afternoon. I figure we have all had quite enough cake over the past month, right?




I will share my cupcake with you but under no circumstances will you blow out my candles. 







Milo was so happy and excited yesterday, and just so grateful. Just love these guys so much.

*** Check back later today for an outfit post! ***

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  1. How awesome are those cupcake negotiations with the matching tank tops?! That’s one generous big brother sharing his cupcake, I’m pretty sure the 5 year old me would have refused and eaten it all myself 🙂

  2. Love those boys…the look of regret on Milo’s face in the last photo as Oliver dives in is hilarious: “Oh man, I forgot how THIS GUY likes to eat. He’s going right for the icing! Nuts.”

  3. What a generous guy, sharing his cake!

    You should know that your cool boys have inspired me to start a line of awesome temporary tattoos that I am going to sell on etsy at some point. I’m brainstorming with a graphic designer friend now, because temporary tattoos are always licensed characters or totally skanky tramp stamp things. There should be great ones that are easy to find, like the ones Milo and Oliver wore.

  4. Oh, how awesome, Allison! PLEASE send me the link once you get your shop started… I’m majorly missing those cool veggie tats. I’m sure yours will be even cooler! And I agree. Good temporary tattoos should be commonplace. I mean, if they were, I would wear them.

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