Dress That Kid: Transition to Fall


We’re at a tough place outfit-wise around here. It is still pretty warm, as I found out after I took these pictures (it is supposed to get up to 97 here– oops!) but other days it feels more like the beginning of fall. So I did switch out a few things as the morning wore on (Milo’s long-sleeved shirt and Oliver’s overalls had to go).


On Milo: Long-sleeved shirt: Tea Collection; cut-off shorts: Tea Collection (used to be pants); shoes: Crewcuts (on sale a few seasons ago)


On Oliver: Tank: Tea Collection; overalls: Crewcuts; Sandals: Teva


On Emil: T-shirt: Nordstrom Rack; Overalls: gift; shoes: See Kai Run (hand-me-downs from Ben!)

Today we are heading to the playground with our little buddy Georgia! It will either make me feel like I can do anything, or confirm my thoughts on having four kids (she is easy as pie and just as sweet, so I’m thinking the first)!

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