DIY Fun: Indoor Obstacle Course


Last weekend we were stuck inside for a couple of days because of some much-needed rain. And out of fear that something (or someone) would be broken, I pulled together the old indoor obstacle course plan and the rest of the afternoon was a piece of cake!

All you need is your imagination and some space! We store a collapsible fabric tunnel in a closet upstairs for days like these. Add a few pillows, benches, and work stations, and you’re set! Here was our obstacle course for the day:


Start on the chair. Somersault down the pillow ramp onto the mattress below (we hauled a toddler mattress up from the basement for the day)…



Being careful not to touch the hot lava (our rug), use the stepping stones (pillows) to reach the bridge (bench).



Carefully walk across the bridge over the lava to your horse.


Hop to the tunnel…


And crawl through.


Waiting on the other side is a life raft (pillow). Use your arms and legs to slide across the mud pit (wood floor). Once you have reached the other side…


Do five jumping jacks!




And rush to the other bridge (bench). Crawl across.


On the other side, you will find a crate of eggs. Place them in the garbage truck…


… and transport them around the corner to the store (yellow box)…




Once you have completed this task, you will see a puzzle on the purple chair. Complete it as fast as you can, and you will be finished!





This game was so much fun for Milo! Oliver did it a few times, but lost interest after that. If your child tires of the course quickly, try changing it up! Do it backwards, or make up different rules. I think we will have to do this again on a rainy or cold winter day.

p.s.- I may or may not have done the obstacle course myself. He, he, he!

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  1. I remember doing this with my best friend as a child! Our parents weren’t kind enough to set it up for us so we just made it up as we went (lots of malleable rules and mini arguments). Such simple fun but so entertaining. Milo is clearly loving it!

  2. Stash away for later when they can read…my brother and I would make treasure hunts with clues all over the house. Incidentally, I think Milo sometimes looks that blurry in real life, he’s one speedy dude.

  3. Hey thanks for the ideas. You can also make clues for the kids to pick up as you go that tells them where to go next. You gave me a lot of ideas and thanks again!

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