MixTape Monday

*Andrew had this great idea for Monday posts… so for the next month or so, he will be in charge of posting the early morning editions, with my regular weekend shenanigans posts coming later in the day. Hope you enjoy!*

We listen to a lot of music and thought we’d share some of what’s been filling our house recently. We’re always on the lookout for new artists, so if you have recommendations please send them along!

1. Bahamas
Bahamas (Alfie Jurvanan) has two great albums, the most recent of which is filled with acoustic guitar work and beautiful vocal harmonies. Here’s one song — Lost in the Light — from a neat live set (see the full set) recorded at SXSW.

2. Tallest Man on Earth
He’s (Kristian Matsson) a Swedish musician with several albums of stripped-down, beautiful music. In addition to the video below, check out a full performance on KEXP.

3. CocoRosie
CocoRosie make such fascinating music, blending genres and incorporating interesting sounds into their songs. If the first part of the song doesn’t resonate with you, give it a minute or two to hear the blend. Another song we like is Lemonade. Again, give it a minute or two for the contrast.

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  1. Huzzah for new music! I am stuck in my hole of being uncool and not hearing new music since I do not work and don’t really go anywhere except the grocery store. I used to be on top of the new music scene when I worked in L.A. and had cool friends…..10 years ago. Womp womp woooommmmp.

    I am going to give CocoRosie another chance. I downloaded an album and it freaked me the eff out on the first song and I had to turn it off. But I will give it another listen because I want to be the best possible blog creeper there ever was.

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