A Halloween Weekend



First order of business, a happy birthday shout-out to my 6-foot-5-inch little brother (by 21 months) Jonathan! Love you, brother, and hope your 31st is a good good year!

Second order of business, we are thinking of everyone on the East Coast today as Hurricane Sandy is supposed to hit. Hoping that everyone is safe and sound!

This past weekend we prepared for Halloween, including hoarding candy for the loads of trick-or-treaters who will be stopping by this Wednesday; carving our pumpkins; and most importantly, attending the awesome costume party of our friends Ingrid and Brent. They had some pretty amazing stuff going on again, the highlight of which was the chili. Man, such good chili.

Andrew and I pulled together our last-minute costumes: *Margot and Richie Tenenbaum from one of our all-time favorite Wes Anderson movies (I know, I know, so cliche– but we had almost all the stuff already) while Milo went as a bat, Oliver as a spider, and Emil as a monkey.

*And clearly there are some people who should never ever attempt to be blond. I am one of those people. Yeesh!*







But Ingrid wins best costume: Romney Hood. (See the money bags labeled “PBS” and “Medicare?”) I know. Scary mask, right? Oh, and Georgia went as Big Bird.

Brent’s cousin and his family were in town and from what I understand were the masterminds behind these decorations:DSC_0117






… which apparently had no ill effects on my young grim sons other than a bit of curiosity and maybe some indifference? Those are definitely my kids. Unfazed by gore, fascinated by the workings of the human body… Oliver said, “Dis is a human hauwt (heart) Ma! See dees valves dat pump da bwud (blood)?”

Milo spent most of the evening manning the fog machine and trying to figure out how that worked.






… while I could not seem to exercise much restraint in taking photos of Emil all night long. Seriously. Seeing him waddle around in that monkey suit was just too much.


Look at those toes!!!

Thank you, Ingrid and Brent, for another fantastic party. We had sooooo much fun!

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  1. That looks like a great party- the Romney costume is terrifyingly hilarious! I love all your costumes. We don’t seem to have any parties early enough for us to attend this year, so I’ll just be throwing on the witch hat to pass out candy (if we don’t blow away first!).

  2. I love your family!! You and Andrew were spot on – I guessed it right away. And your little creature boys were beyond cute in their get-ups. The monkey toes are great! I love how unfazed Milo and Oliver were next to the gory decorations – my boys would be the same way!


  3. Whatever, dood. You rocked that blonde wig. That is one of my favorite movies of all time. My friend Careena and I used to quote it to each other so much that sometimes we can still call each other and just say, “Wiiiiiildcat” on a voice mail and understand what it means. Heh.

    Your cool friends truly are cool and I wish I lived there so I could be a true creeper and invite myself along, because it looks like such a good time. Party on.

  4. ohh, that little monkey costume is the same one I bought for Arlo on his very first Halloween! Makes me a bit sad and nostalgic…

    But what fun photos! I love all the magic and adventure in your home. It’s inspiring (Although I have to admit I may have let out a frightful gasp at Romney there!) Scary indeed.

    Happy Halloween!!!

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