MixTape Monday

Here’s a fresh batch of music that has been playing in our house recently.

1. Head and the Heart
This is currently Oliver’s favorite band. Whenever we’re in the van, he requests the song “Rivers and Roads.” Head and the Heart performed a nice acoustic liveset for KEXP, which you can view in full.

2. Lambchop
Lambchop has been around for decades. How had we never heard of such a great band until recently?

3. Belle Brigade
This band is led by a brother and sister whose grandfather is John Williams (composer, film soundtrack master). In addition to the song below, check out their bathtub version of their song Losers. Based on the video from their show at SXSW below, it looks like they put on a good show.

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  1. These are all such great recommendations! I hadn’t heard of Lambchop before either, so thanks for the introduction. And I really love sibling bands, compounded with my love of musicians who have musical offspring. In this case, musical grand-offspring.

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