Weekend Shenanigans: Just Me and The Crazies


Whoa to the whoa. I don’t know who or where I am. Yes, it was like that. Maybe it’s because of Emil’s increased mobility and unintentional but sure naughtiness, but these past four days with Andrew out of town have been ridiculously hard. Impossible, at times. I don’t remember it being quite so hard during the last time I was on my own with the boys, so maybe we’ve reached that threshold and now things can only get easier (please tell me? Anyone?).



There were plenty of fun moments, but absolutely zero relaxing ones. I fell into a routine with the boys, but still couldn’t seem to stay on top of things the way I normally can when the older boys are in school for the mornings or when another adult can come relieve me of full-time parenthood at 5:30pm so I can cook dinner during what can be a very challenging time around here.  What ended up happening was a whole lot of crying and carrying on from that point until dinner was on the table. I had to separate Milo and Oliver several times because they were at each other’s throats (due to exhaustion and hunger) while Emil hung on me crying and begging to be nursed (he is fighting a cold and the only comfort seems to come from breastfeeding more frequently).

At one point, during the high-drama portion of this show on Saturday afternoon, Oliver had his pants around his ankles tripping and yelling for me to help him with his pants while following me into the living room where I had to run because Emil had found a way to climb up onto the couch and was STANDING on the windowsill looking like he was about to end it all and at the very same moment Milo slipped and banged his head on the floor in the kitchen and why oh why do these things alway have to happen all at once?!! When everyone was safe and clothed and comforted, I actually stepped out the back door for a moment just so I could breathe.

And I’m just so tired. So very very tired. I feel a lot older than my age today. But I know things will get easier. Things will not be so chaotic and crazy and I won’t be needed so urgently all the time by these little crazy people who are my everything.



We did manage to have a lot of fun. We took an entire morning to explore the Science Center, and… yes, I cut Oliver’s hair. Please don’t hate me. It had to be done. I simply could not deal with trying to brush out the knots, deal with static and complaining about hair in his eyes and all that. So, behold:


Herbie Nerd-Bert

We spent a lot of time exploring bird-related information this weekend. No reason. Just happened.







And this little critter is giving me a serious mini-heart-attack every five minutes. He climbs everything. And then lets go once he gets to the top. Like, okay, I’m done here.


Watching the wheels turning:




Andrew comes home later this afternoon, at which point I will fall into a coma for the next few days. What would you like to do, Lauren? — Be unconscious. 

Dear sweet boys, I love you more than you will ever fathom. But you seriously just kicked my ass.

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  1. Oh no- his crazy hair is gone! 🙂 It looks great though, hope he likes it.

    I am so impressed that you can juggle three small boys solo- James worked all weekend until after midnight and I really missed that weekend recharge… and I’ve only got one!

    Good news is you did it and now you can read a magazine and take a nap. Enjoy unconsciousness.

  2. All of my womanly parts just clenched up in sympathy for you. I remember those days when absolutely every child required every single ounce of my attention. I once went a half hour with an incredibly full bladder because I was so busy helping my little ones.
    Perhaps that was a little too much information…..

  3. Oh, Lilly. There’s no need to tell me Oliver’s hair looks great when it is clearly so bad! I massacred it! But no more complaining, so win!

    And Ami, that is totally not too much information… it’s actually funny to hear about stories like that!

  4. I hate to say I loved this blog entry but I did! Mainly for selfish reasons… because sometimes I feel like I’m the only mama that can’t keep up with the little people! I’m trying to learn the juggling act but have just realized that 3 young children, who are all still needy, is just that… 3 needy people with one big person to rescue them from all their perils while trying to keep up with house, cooking, cleaning, etc…. How do single mothers do it???!!! I found Cameron using toilet water once to wipe his “boogies” because I was busy trying to nurse/calm Addy down 🙂 Mother of the year! Unfortunately Cam proceeded to wash his hair and whole face with the toilet water before I found him drenched head to toe. And yup, Max had just pee’d and it’s 50/50 if he flushed….

  5. Oh, Kasey! It makes me cringe, but I’ve so been there! I am laughing so hard reading about Cameron… I just have this picture in my head of how it all went down. It’s amazing that they even survive over here, let alone stay clean!

  6. I’ve got to hand it to you for being such a brave mama and taking them out of the house. My instinct when I’m solo-parenting is to hunker down at home, but I’m always glad after I’ve taken the kids out even though it exhausts me.

    Hope you get to little quiet time to recharge once your hubby returns!

  7. Ryan is gone for a month, so I feel your pain. There are days where the kids seem to push everyone of my buttons, free time is non-existant. This weekend I opted to host a sleepover. I took my brood from 4 to six kids. Sometimes, it really is the more the merrier. (no, we are not having any more kids. I just like to borrow them) The promise of friends coming over got my kids to pick up their rooms, put away the laundry, and behave while running errands. Once the girls’ friends were here, they pretty much entertained themselves and they even watched the boys. I love seeing 4 girls sleep in one set of bunkbeds, and Casey on the floor with a sleeping bag b/c he just wants to be part of the fun.

  8. I suppose I shouldn’t laugh at the part where you narrate the insane moments, but it does seem a bit comical, like slapstick comical, from a distance! Perhaps even if that distance is hindsight? 🙂 It sounds like you are doing an awesome job, and you are one brave lady.

  9. I’m glad to hear you come out on the other side without too much drama. I admire you for keeping three young boys so well entertained on your lonesome. Now, enjoy just as much unconscious time as you can, you’ve more than earned it! 🙂

  10. Oliver’s new ‘do is so very cute. And I love that you studied birds. Everybody knows that the bird is the word!

    Dude. Emil is crazy!! Julian was like that. He’d climb everything in sight, and then jump from it. Or open his arms and free fall backwards. When he would do that, I’d say in my Rod & Todd voice (from The Simpsons) “Catch me, Lord!”

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