“Sparrow bellies cheep and chirp. People’s bellies belch and burp!”

About once a week, the boys and I walk to our local library. It is one of their favorite places in the whole world, and I know this because they literally jump up and down when I suggest we go, and they are perhaps the most well-behaved when we are there (other moms have actually come up to congratulate me on my kids’ behavior at the library, which, if you know my kids outside of the library, is quite laughable). And this is a good thing, because frankly, I can barely contain Emil, what with all the outlets and tables to climb upon and librarian’s offices to ransack.

So… in light of my major slacking off with the DIY fun this month (cut me some slack, all of my creative juices are going toward holiday gifting and holiday party shenanigans), I thought I would feature a favorite book once a week instead. Just until things settle down. Today’s book: The Belly Book by Fran Manushkin (her name alone makes me love this book!) and illustrated by the ever-talented Dan Yaccarino.


It’s very simple, very cute, and Emil’s most favorite book at the moment. Plus, the illustrations are just fantastic.

Happy reading!

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  1. What a fun book! I feel like I need a briefing on all the new kids’ books nowadays. Dr Seuss is classic but there is just so much more available!

    My sister-in-law recently gave us The Gruffalo books and I am certain I’m enjoying them way more than Alice!

  2. Ha! I love the cover of that book!

    The library is our hero lately. It seems that we have exhausted our extensive collection of handed down books and Audrey just doesn’t care about them anymore. So we hit up preschooler story time at the library, and then check a bunch of Berenstain Bears books out after.

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