DIY Fun: Felt Ball Fun & Games


I’ve read the praises of felt balls and kids for a couple of years now (see garland to make or buy), but never imagined that my boys would find them all that impressive. In fact, we found out quite by accident that they are in fact a lot of fun. Inside a box of presents, we found a cluster of these felt balls attached to each gift. One was coming unraveled. Milo gently pulled the cluster apart to reveal several shapes and colors of felt balls, which he proceeded to sort and stack.



I helped him cut the remaining clusters and allowed him to use them however he wanted. The results were pretty impressive! It was a good reminder that sometimes the best activities come from the imaginations of children, and sometimes the best gift we can give them is the space to use those smart little brains!





Here is Milo’s list of fun things to do with felt balls:

  • sort and stack
  • felt snowball fight with your little brother
  • pretend the felt balls are secret ingredients and make your own pot of stew
  • go bowling with the larger balls using markers for the pins
  • build a “snowball” factory:DSC_0017
  • DSC_0007
  • DSC_0011
  • play felt ball indoor hockey
  • string them on a thread and hang ’em in your room!

Here’s a tutorial on YouTube on how to make your own!

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  1. Oh how fun! This must have been the Christmas for felt, as Lulu received some felt vegetables. And you are so right, the simple games are the best, yesterday she spent over an hour putting the veggies into and then out of her wagon.

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