The Button

I took this video the other night and just had to share it. Poor Oliver had been at it for so long, trying to button those blasted jammies, before I even grabbed the camera and started filming. He was just trying so hard.

Sometimes I forget just how little he is. But this, along with some sweet instructions from an infinitely patient older brother, is a good reminder. Every day, he is learning. Every day, growing. How I love him so.

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  1. So cute and so frustrating! 2 things I loved:

    Oliver’s repetition of your “here’s the button, here’s the hole” instructions, he’s so psyching himself up for it.

    Milo’s “sure, I would LOVE to help” response and his patient explanation, like “no sweat mom, I’ve got this.”

    They’re getting so big.

  2. umm..awesome. I really want to see them again. Before you asked what your readers want to see more of. Maybe I am not representative, but to me, the best part of the blog has always been seeing the boys grow up, struggle, mature, succeed, fail, try again. You know the human stuff

  3. Oh, good god. That was the cutest thing ever. Audrey loved it too. Oliver and Audrey are kindred spirits in button frustration.

    Even though I’m taking an internet break (because it would seem that I am a total nutjob and have cracked) I had to comment on this because it’s so adorable. And kind of an aside, but you have a nice voice.

  4. This just melted us (Annie and I)… cute is Oliver. Poor guy, it is hard work. BUT how sweet is Milo. SOOOOO sweet!

  5. That is adorable. What a good big brother Milo is! Three is such a tough age for a kid – there’s so much they can do that they get really frustrated by the things they can’t do. You did a great job staying patient with him. Bedtime is the hardest time for me to patient with Avery because I just want her to go to bed already so I can relax!

  6. This is so adorable. I can’t wait to show it to Ben when he gets home from school. I can’t get over how much OLDER Milo’s voice sounds!

  7. Oh my goodness – adorable! There is nothing I love more than seeing my littles give something a really concentrated try. And Milo was so incredibly helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  8. You asked what I liked? Well, MORE OF THIS! They both killed me! Milo especially with the, “Yes, I would love to!” Oooooh, I wanna squeeze ’em!

  9. Your boys are just too sweet. Sometimes I’m afraid that I’m the only momma out there who’s trying my hardest to keep my child’s kindness and innocence intact. Refreshing to come to your blog and see this in your 3 little guys!
    Also, my little girl wanted to watch this 3 times 🙂

  10. Crazy cute. I love how hard Oliver is trying, and Milo is like the most well adjusted human being ever! I wish he’d been around to calmly teach me stuff as a kid. A picture perfect big bro.

  11. Milo’s eagerness to help is my favorite part. There’s a chance Reed would have laughed at Beckett having difficulty.

    Such a sweet boy.

    p.s. do you shoot video on your camera?

  12. Yes, Whitney! I used my camera. The only thing that I don’t like about that is that it is a pain to convert the size to fit YouTube. But, I just make Andrew do that!

  13. This is so sweet and so good and so heartwarming. Such gentle and loving parenting you show to them, and the “Yes, I would love to” from his older brother, along with his patience with Oliver is incredible to witness.

  14. i finally got around to watching this (i leave all posts i want to spend more time with “mark[ed] unread” until i can steal some minutes to dive in.

    omg. i loved it. their voices, their personalities, your gentleness. it was a really sweet glimpse into your life.

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