The Joy in Parenting



Recently I have become aware of just how much joy I feel watching my boys play. I sit on the wall at the playground, sometimes warmed by the sun, sometimes feeling the chill of an unseasonably cool wind. It is easier for me to just be lately. To be still and here, in this moment. I am hyper-aware of the shift in the seasons, watching as my boys remove their shoes and socks, one by one, and toss them over my way somewhere in the direction of the stroller. They are so engrossed they barely slow down as they strip off sweaty socks inside out, half balled-up and landing where they may.

Now that Emil needs less spotting on the playground equipment (let’s face it, he never needed much spotting and I never was that hovering parent anyway), I watch from a distance as he navigates his way through an intense pretend game with his brothers. This one involves a monster (him), bombs (large wood chips), a control tower (the top of the slide), a loyal and trusty soldier (Oliver) and the “master” (Milo). It involves running hard and climbing hard and swinging and jumping and laughing and roaring. There are head-long dives down the twisty slide, bumps and bruises that are barely acknowledged. They play so hard, so intensely. I can see how they will transfer this passion of playing into other passions some day.DSC_0024

I watch as their relationships with each other grow so strong, I have to blink away tears. Their care for their brothers is unflappable. They fight and argue, then hug even harder. They put their arms around each other’s shoulders while sauntering, the manliest of men with the most tender hearts.



Watching all of it brings me the deepest joy in parenting. There is nothing more amazing to me than watching siblings test the waters of relationships- to push and pull and discuss, to fight and make up, to teach and compliment and encourage, to miss each other and embrace upon reuniting after school every day. I am beyond lucky to bear witness to these fleeting moments, this youth and innocence. There is such meaning in this life.DSC_0032

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.

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  1. What a beautiful post! Isn’t it such a privilege to be a stay at home mom? Have a wonderful mother’s day. Love you.

  2. Lauren,
    You are an incredible mom, and so eloquent in expressing your love for your family. You are loved by so many.
    Happy Mother’s Day!
    Love, Mom

  3. Lauren, your words touched me deeply. The love you feel for your children in present in each end every one of your posts. You are a wonderful example.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you as well!

  4. Ack… that typo really bothers me. Obviously happy Mother’s Day 🙂 I am so happy to see you out and about and feeling well too.

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