June 2015 Garden


Thanks to a cool, rainy spring, our vegetable garden is thriving. We planted romaine lettuces which are more than happy to grow and grow in cool weather. Our strawberries are trying to give us big juicy berries, but three cunning squirrels keep sneaking in to steal them before we can. It’s immensely frustrating, as nothing seems to stop them. It often feels like we are in the middle of an Elmer Fudd cartoon…

DSC_0379And who knew that strawberries do best with… straw? Apparently it keeps the slugs away (at least when the straw is nice and dry)! We’re learning more every year about this gardening stuff. And while we are slow to get going on compost this year, I know we’re getting around to it. There’s a kind of laziness about gardening this year.


But our sweet peas are going strong. I love picking the sweet, crunchy veggies and adding them to salads or just snacking on them fresh from the garden. Our kale is also going strong! DSC_0387DSC_0389

Also trying our hand at tomatillos this time around, and they seem happy, if not a bit holy from little bugs nibbling. I’m hoping to make plenty of sauces and salsas from these guys once they’re ripe. DSC_0394

And cucumbers, of course! Our boys’ favorite vegetable and a necessity for our garden every year. DSC_0397DSC_0398DSC_0399Are you gardening this season?


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  1. Looks awesome Lauren! We are still working on getting our area setup for veggies….. Never enough time to get all of our gardening done! Can I book you for a consultation? I’d love some help with mapping our where we plant.

  2. I should mention that we aren’t planning anything until next spring. we are still working to get the ground ready. Maybe a lunch date next school year?.?. Thanks!

  3. Great yield! This year we planted French breakfast radishes, cucumbers, a variety of peppers, green beans and an assortment of flowers. I am a huge fan of nasturtiums (nasturtia?) too. Every year after we have enjoyed the vibrant flowers I pick them to make…nasturtium butter! Here is an easy recipe: http://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/nasturtium-butter. It is so very good on crusty bread and gives a nice peppery flavor to sweet butter.

  4. This year we planted spinach, lettuce, Swiss chard, bok choy, peas, and beets for our cool weather crops. Everything has grown great as are our perennial beds of asparagus, strawberries, and rhubarb. Now on to tomatoes, herbs, and cucumbers!

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