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Wrangler Jeans3IMG_0031

It’s no secret that I adore Mariah Golden Palmer of Everything Golden — she is a self-proclaimed outdoor woman who currently lives in Montana, but her love for the wilderness does not inhibit her love for fashion and textiles; instead, it inspires it. I count myself very lucky to own a few of her pieces — they are quality items and I can feel the love poured into them every time I wear them! Aside from her obvious talent and eye for good quality vintage pieces, Mariah is a pleasure to collaborate with and a generous, genuine human being. Recently, Palmer teamed up with New York artist Susan Connor to create Art on Denim, carefully selected vintage denim paired with beautiful, subtle hand printed artwork by Connor.

BLue Jean Shorts3Black Shorts4IMG_0036

I love how they styled the above vintage Wranglers! I would also pair them with a loose-fitting white button-down shirt, a woven necklace, and cognac clogs (of course). And I think the black shorts would look amazing with a black muscle tee and cowboy boots!

See the whole Art on Denim collection here, and visit Mariah’s blog here; Susan’s blog here. Thank you, Mariah and Susan, for inspiring so many!

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  1. I love the designs on these – how fun. Especially the white on black.

    And the hair on the woman in the last photo is fabulous – I’m assuming that’s Mariah from just a quick glance at her blog. Wow.

  2. Hi Lauren, Thank you so much for featuring our collaboration…and declaring today the Day of Denim– I love it. Mariah’s vision and Everything Golden is so inspiring, and it was amazing to work with her. I’m so glad you like the pieces…they were really fun to concept and to make.

  3. Kristin, I know, her hair is amazing, but that’s not Mariah! I believe her name is Tessa Moeckel, a model Mariah uses often. Mariah is also a natural beauty!

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