At 3 1/2, Emil says the strangest and funniest things! I wanted to share a few here for a good laugh…

All last school year, he referred to “arts and crafts” as “arts and crabs.” No matter how many times his brothers try to tell him it’s “crafts,” he insists on crabs. 

“When I die, I don’t want to die.” long pause. “I will be a zombie!”

“E-M-I-L does not spell you! It spells ME!”

While talking animatedly to himself in the other room, “Oh NO!!! I’m turning into a woman!”

“MOM!!!” (shouting frantically) “The poop just falled in!” (Obviously on the toilet)

“You know,” (glaring at me) ” if you put me in time out, a superhero will come and take you off to jail.”


(Gazing down at his fingers after being in the bath for a while) “I don’t want my fingers to shrink!!!”

“I sing because my body makes me!”

And along the same lines… after I asked Emil, “How did you get so nice?” he replied, “Because my body maked me be nice!”

DSC_0673DSC_0674When asked who he was (dressed in a cape and doing some interesting hand moves), “I’m Granny Goosebumps!!!”

Granny Goosebumps it is.

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  1. What a special kid. You can really start seeing what he will look like a young man and all indications point to heart breaker.

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