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Last week was the first time we’ve ever been to the Contemporary Art Museum here in St. Louis, and it did not disappoint! We met my stylish friend Elisha there with her (equally stylish) girls Estella and January for CAM’s free family play date, which is held the first Wednesday of every month.  The program boasts fun live music, art projects, and storytelling, but the best part of all is the exposure to the amazing art installations around the museum. And though the family play date is geared more towards younger kids (2-5), it was certainly tons of fun for Milo, who, after running around to get his crazies out, sat down at a window-side table to work on origami with the paper provided. We’ll definitely be back. DSC_0660DSC_0559

And Emil, oh how three-year-olds looooooove to test the limits! I had just told him that we must not touch the plants on the Green Varnish exhibit, but that we could look at them very closely with our eyes. So… of course he got ascloseaspossible without touching. DSC_0573DSC_0566DSC_0567DSC_0569

And I’m not sure the kids were supposed to take off their shoes while out in the courtyard (the workers standing nearby did not tell us otherwise), but I’ll be sure to ask next time just to be sure. The sandy gravel felt so good underfoot! DSC_0575DSC_0576DSC_0578DSC_0580DSC_0583DSC_0585DSC_0588DSC_0590DSC_0594DSC_0601

I was so happy to get a few shots of these two buddies together. They have been good friends since the early days and always pick right up where they left off. It was sweet and hilarious to see them interact.

I promise there was no actual smooching, though it looks that way from the picture above — what an embrace! Ha, ha! Fuel for future embarrassment!



This is what the play date looked like from above. The music was great for the kids — there was quite a group up there dancing their little hearts out. Celia, the woman who is rocking out on guitar up there, is a lovely person and clearly really enjoys what she does. She had a way of really engaging the kids while also appealing to the adults. Pretty awesome. She also plays at birthday parties… just in case you’re looking!


DSC_0646DSC_0653DSC_0656And Estella, the little budding artist, was working on the coolest little project! A true individual, that one!

I’ll definitely be back to check out more of the art museum on my own time, without the kids as well. Thanks, Elisha, for turning us on to this place!


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  1. Loving these images!! The one of Emil cracks me up, reminds me of my three year old he’s so curious but all these rules are so hard sometimes 🙂

  2. We love CAM, although I was bummed to miss the Calder exhibit. At my previous firm we were a finalist to design the building next to the Ando building. Ah, the one that got away…

    Celia is great. She plays frequently at our events at The Soulard School. She’s wonderful at parties.
    I have these great photos of little Frances in the Serra sculpture. That’s where we spent the last day of my maternity leave. I have fond memories of that day.

    Does your friend Elisha have a blog? I recognize her kids as the cute family I saw at Clementine’s one day. She and her husband were taking a lot of photographs of the storefront and I thought the girls were so patient waiting. Maybe the only two girls that would wait outside an ice cream store like that! I figured maybe they were used to it. So cute. 🙂

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