City Museum 2015



These three boys filled up their sticker chart (more on that later today), so they earned their choice of fun trip… of course they chose the City Museum! It never ceases to amaze me, this place. We find new areas every time we go, and we go infrequently enough that there are sometimes new exhibits open that didn’t exist before. They really are always building.


This time Emil surprised me by finding an extra lot of courage in his three-year-old body — sliding down steep scary slides, exploring dark tunnels, and climbing up higher than ever before. He doesn’t seem to know he is still little. Luckily, Milo and Oliver (and I) were all there to keep a close eye on him. We had a blast. DSC_0299DSC_0326

DSC_0281DSC_0251DSC_0119DSC_0096DSC_0080DSC_0070DSC_0062How could we not?

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  1. Ha, ha! Scott, it can actually get really crowded there (especially on the weekends). I just wait to take pictures when there is no one else in the shot, which is much easier if we arrive first thing in the morning. Trust me, there were plenty of other people there, I just waited until they weren’t in the frame before taking the picture, or crop them out!

  2. Speaking of picture taking, I love love love how creative you are with the pictures and how you frame a shot. I know you’ve been asked this before, but I need a refresher: What camera and lens are you using at the museum? It seems compact but fast and I need one haha!!

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