5 thoughts on “How a Sticker Chart May be Saving Our Summer”
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  1. I love it. F’s kindergarten class does something similar with multicolored ping pong balls in a big glass jar. And schoolwide, as part of their buddy circles (where small groups of kids are connected outside of the classroom to provide support and encouragement to kids that might be new or needing some extra love), they started making these little buttons – like the 1″ diameter pin on ones. (Someone must own a button maker!) Anyway, the kids all made the artwork for them, and when they are caught being kind or helpful they get to select one. They are fun to attach to backpacks, and every pin is different.

    I’m thinking pretty long and hard about starting something similar at home to your sticker chart. And I think it’s awesome that they are working together towards a shared experience. When my girls are in sync, it’s awesome. When they are not – well, it’s not a lot of fun.

  2. This is great! I am getting caught up on a bunch of your posts I have missed and this caught my eye. Octave is driving me mad the last few weeks. I’ve been crying out for help the last few days. Ahhh! I am at the end of my rope and no consequence has had any effect. I am trying this immediately! Thank you! xx

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