Asheville: Laurel Creek


One thing we’ve learned about our children (and most children, I suspect), is how happy they are when met with the following elements: flowing water in which to play, rocks to scamper across and collect, a bit of sunshine, and plenty of unhurried, un-rushed unstructured time. We made a point of slowing down one day by hiking a short way on the flat Laurel Creek trail, which follows an old railroad bed. Though the entire hike is 7 miles round trip, we probably only went 2 miles in and 2 back, as the kids were happy to stay put and explore, swim, collect quartz rocks, and (for Milo) cliff jump off the little outcrop across from the stony beach where we set our bags and shoes.

DSC_0314DSC_0316DSC_0330DSC_0328Oliver’s collection, which he called his “crystals.” He worked rather hard on this before Emil came in like a tornado and swept them all into the creek, which of course resulted in a sound walloping from Oliver to Emil, and both boys crying, then working together to collect all the stones again and then some. Whew, brotherhood. DSC_0335Milo, being brave.DSC_0336DSC_0331DSC_0343It was one of the boys’ favorite places this trip, and I hope to go back someday to camp, perhaps in early autumn next year. Really, such a beautiful place!

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