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DSC_0384DSC_0408One of our favorite parts of Asheville is the city life, which is why we stayed in a house close enough to enjoy the downtown and West Asheville spots. And though we’ve been through this song and dance before, I figured I’d give a short list of our favorite shops and restaurants in Asheville this time around. A few favorites have stayed the same, and we’ve added others as we discovered them. Of course, there are so many others that we haven’t had the chance to discover– feel free to add your recommendations in the comments.

Mellow Mushroom: 50 Broadway Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801

We enjoyed sitting outdoors and enjoying the surrounding greenery. It feels like eating in a beautiful garden! The boys enjoyed the pizza; I had a Greek salad. Both were great!

Old North: 15 W. Walnut St., Asheville, NC 28801

This was by far my favorite clothing shop in Asheville. It has a new, hip, light and bright minimalist feel… right up my alley! The web shop only lists men’s items. Go in person to find a great assortment of men’s and women’s clothing, including a few vintage pieces, plus clothing from designers like Rachel Comey, Base Range, Redwing, Woolrich, and Baggu.

Nest Organics: 51 N. Lexington Ave., Asheville, NC 28801

Once you enter this shop, you will find it difficult to leave! Not only are the goods perfectly curated, but the warm atmosphere is so inviting. There’s a small play area for the kids to play, a beautiful assortment of locally made cutting boards and glassware, and truly special linens. The children’s clothing is also very cute, though I found the boys’ selection to be lacking. But oh! The little girls’ dresses, perfection!DSC_0383DSC_0381DSC_0378

Biscuit Head: 733 Haywood Ave., Asheville, NC 28806

A favorite from our last trip, we visited Biscuit Head twice this time around. Try their simple egg sandwich with fruit on the side and smother that sucker in one of their house-made hot sauces, and don’t forget the vanilla latte, which tastes like melted marshmallows…

And don’t get me started on their homemade butter bar: Molasses Roasted Jalapeño Butter, yes please! Just be warned, you may have no choice but to make friends with someone every time you enter through these doors. We currently have an open invitation to a local shared community here in Asheville for our next travel adventures!

DSC_0368DSC_0366DSC_0370DSC_0373Vortex Doughnuts: 32 Banks Ave. #106, Asheville, NC 28801

We came here on a gloomy, rainy morning and it was the perfect place to cheer us up. The only thing… give me all the donuts!!! I had the coconut orange and basil, which was divine. But my favorite was the of apple fritter Oliver chose, filled with not-too-sweet apple filling and topped with caramel or cinnamon sugar. I kick myself for not indulging a little more!

DSC_0448DSC_0449DSC_0447DSC_0446DSC_0453DSC_0456Sunny Point Cafe: 626 Haywood Rd., Asheville, NC 28806

This place takes the cake, or in my case, the Huevos Rancheros (and the boys devoured their ricotta pancakes). Part of the appeal is the amazing food (bring your appetite, the portions are large), but the atmosphere and surrounding garden really steal my heart every time. Much of their produce and herbs come from that dreamy garden, which always has some kind soul tending to it when we visit. It’s a loved space and a community gem. I also always appreciate the fashion of the waiters, waitresses, and customers. It’s a well-dressed place!

DSC_0474DSC_0478DSC_0488DSC_0489Above: look at that beautiful amaranth! I’d like to put that color in my pocket…DSC_0493DSC_0494DSC_0496DSC_0497DSC_0498DSC_0500DSC_0502The blackest of black tomatoes!DSC_0507Asheville Brewing Co.: 77 Coxe Ave., Asheville, NC 28801

This place was the perfect area to take three half-weary, half-hyper little boys for lunch after a long hike. There’s a huge outdoor covered patio with picnic tables and plenty of games for the kids (or the adults). Ours chose corn hole while Andrew and I tried a flight of the local brews (my favorite was the Lemon Drop brew, while Andrew enjoyed the Fire Escape, which has hops, malt, and jalapeños!). Their garlic fries were perfect.

DSC_0577DSC_0586DSC_0578So many bean bags, so little time.

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  1. If you liked Mellow Mushroom then you are in luck – I think one is supposed to open in STL soon. I haven’t eaten there in ages, but we used to eat at one south of Atlanta when we traveled at Thanksgiving. They are all over the south now.

    I loved everything we ate in Asheville – next time you go make sure to visit Chai Pani for delicious Indian food. All four of us loved our meals there, and it’s a great spot for kids too. Sometimes it’s hard to find a place that is so appealing to adults and where kids feel comfortable too. It was right behind a great indoor rock climbing place we hung out in. We missed the donut place, but I’d rather eat biscuits over donuts any day. I keep saying I’m going to have friends over for brunch some time and make biscuits and a dozen butters and jams. Yum.

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