Asheville: Craggy Gardens

DSC_0522DSC_0526DSC_0528DSC_0547DSC_0509On our last day in Asheville, we awoke to gloomy grey skies and decided that if we were going to be outdoors, we had better do it sooner rather than later. There was a chill to the air and I tried to embrace the cool air instead of wish it away, but I found myself reaching for an unpacked sweater on more than one occasion. We drove along the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway to Craggy Gardens, where we enjoyed a short hike to the top and were rewarded with solitude and beautiful views. DSC_0510DSC_0514DSC_0517DSC_0518DSC_0530DSC_0539DSC_0538DSC_0549I couldn’t get over the thickets of rhododendron, which I imagine are absolutely stunning when in bloom, but are equally stunning out of season, with their winding, interesting shapes and silvery branches. I found this place equal parts beautiful and haunting. DSC_0550DSC_0558Above: the rhododendron tunnel…DSC_0553DSC_0560DSC_0563Emil was quite concerned about the size of the bumblebee we saw! DSC_0570DSC_0575DSC_0572Another gem of a place, but not the best spot to be standing during a thunderstorm. We also checked out the Craggy Garden visitor center, and the views there were breathtaking!

And… that about sums up our trip to Asheville! Thank you for bearing with me, I know it’s been a bit redundant. Up next week: a whole lot of Dress That Mama (I’m posting an outfit a day for 5 days straight… plus the regular stuff too)! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I’ve been checking in on your vacation posts all week, whenever I have a minute, and what a cool spot! I had a friend in undergrad that was obsessed with straw bale, it really is a cool way of building. Look like a fantastic vacation.

    Excited for next week, with fall coming and me doing more and more work where ‘professional’ appearance matters, I need inspiration. My own style is always the first thing that slips when I’m struggling for time management!

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