Happy Thanksgiving!



Two funny things: the first, Emil greeting me at the door this past weekend as Milo and I arrived home from circus class, “MAMA! I’m wearing 10 shirts!”

And Oliver made it to 16 shirts.

Here are the chubby versions of my children. I assure you that seeing them move around (especially on the trampoline and going up and down the stairs) was pure comedy.

And the second thing, below: Emil busily painting while singing. The video really gets going at minute 1:30, if you want to skip ahead. And yeah, my video-taking skills are highly lacking. But isn’t he sweet?!!

Happy Thanksgiving, turkeys!

Dress That Mama: Knits and Patterns


At the Missouri Botanical Garden, there is a beautiful, peaceful indoor space called the Schoenberg Temperate House. I love to visit whatever the weather; when it’s cold or rainy outside, it is warm and, well, temperate, inside. Within its 8,900 square feet of space is contained a variety of plants that typically thrive in a Mediterranean climate, such as olive trees, fig trees, grapevines, carob, and cork oak. It’s a lovely space where I always feel relaxed and centered. Continue reading “Dress That Mama: Knits and Patterns”



The Dead Bird, by Margaret Wise Brown

We recently checked out this book from the library and were delighted to find a simple, timeless, story from a child’s perspective about death. I was surprised to find out that Brown’s original text copyright was from 1938, and that the book has been reissued in 2016 (with beautiful illustrations by Christian Robinson)– surprised because the book is still so relevant. Death, after all, is the end point of it all, no matter what year you find yourself living in.

Continue reading “Reading…”