Weekend Shenanigans


I almost, almost, did not blog at all for this coming week. Last week on Wednesday and Thursday, I finally started to feel better. My ballet teacher pulled me aside to say you have lost weight, dear, please rest and I assured her I would, I have been, and will. Friday morning I woke up and realized it was all worse, I felt like death warmed over. Andrew, newly returned from a three-day trip, took over and for the next two days I slept more than I was awake — waking up only to drink hot water and homemade chicken noodle soup and change the water in the vaporizer. There was definitely a secondary infection going on, but my doctor’s office was closed for the weekend. And then, on Sunday morning, after sleeping a solid 12 hours straight, I woke up better. Again. DSC_0026DSC_0038DSC_0023DSC_0034DSC_0021DSC_0025

This time I’m thinking it’s gone for good, a nearly three-week ordeal, good grief! But the one good thing about hanging out around the house for the past couple of weeks is the amount of coziness I’ve been surrounding us with — I have hung so much greenery inside and outside the house, it’s beginning to look a bit like a forest! A good thing, I think. DSC_0027

Emil’s contribution to the household chores is always cleaning up after himself in the spill department, which, from the above picture, is a common phenomenon. The wet cloths and tablecloths accumulate on the radiator to dry… DSC_0032DSC_0035DSC_0044DSC_0005

Emil and I also snuck two mini trees into the boys’ rooms while they were out. We will decorate them after Thanksgiving and use them as night lights — a special tradition we’ve enjoyed over the past few years. It really makes it so nice to wake up to, especially when it’s snowing (which, by the way, it did this weekend, but it didn’t stick — boo). DSC_0012

Thank you for your kind words and ideas for healing, and I promise, I am a million times better! Have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. Oh, Lilly, I’m feeling so much better now! Thank you for your kind words. And I did the decorating when I was on the upswing, before the relapse. I just talked to a good friend yesterday who went through the same thing. Something nasty is going around, let’s hope it doesn’t come your way! Happy Thanksgiving, dear!

  2. Oh gosh, these photos are so beautiful of your home and children! It has inspired me to get the tree out asap and start making things nice and Christmassy here x

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